Jean English - Fine Art

Artist Statement

An artist paints as a form of communication, a way to make order out of chaos. Lately I like to paint the intangible, a voice for what cannot be put into words. I’ve been drawn to the quest of capturing fleeting moments in time which reflect my emotional reaction to a visual stimulus. Sometimes, for example, it’s the sheer beauty of an arrangement of shapes, colors, and lighting in a scene I see every day that will evoke a feeling I need to share with at least one person.

Feeling free has become a real part of my art practice. Making discoveries as I paint is possible as I connect my emotions with the cognitive side. Currently, I’m exploring mark making and color with oil paint on boards and canvas. Atmosphere also plays big part in my work. I want space in my work for the viewer to inhabit and, once inside, be able to find surprises and create their own narrative.

Simple or sublime, joyous or bittersweet, I paint because I have something to say, and art is my language.

About Me

I’m a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts with a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania. I have shown my work in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and I’m represented in numerous private collections. I reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.